What is First Fest? 

First Fest is a weekend full of fellowship, fun, and education! There will be many events throughout the course of the weekend that are yours to attend! Attend one, attend many! This is a weekend for you to get to know each other in different ways. There are events for people of all ages.


When is First Fest?

First Fest is August 16 - August 18, 2019. There are events that occur at different times throughout the weekend. 

Where is First Fest?

First Fest is all over Pensacola! Some events happen at First Presbyterian Church, sure. But others happen at the beach, restaurant, or even a congregant's home!

What all can I do?

See the slate of events below for more details about the events offered at this year's First Fest!

Friday, August 16

5 p.m.                    Prayer Cross                        

Write a prayer on a colored piece of paper and roll it up into our wire cross. This cross will be out all weekend.

Location: Front Steps of First Pres


6 p.m.                    Faith & Citizenship Discussion & Dinner 

Join Rev. Joan Wooten for a discussion on the connection between faith and citizenship. Let’s discuss and break bread together!

Location: Jane C. Noonan Center Small Dining Room


7: 30 p.m.              Presbybeerians

Grab some grub or a beer at Goat Lips and join Rev. John Kupar for a discussion about Genesis 22.

Location: Goat Lips Pub Inside (2811 Copter Rd.)

Saturday, August 17

8 a.m.                    Beach Jog/Walk/Move

Get yourself up and moving with some morning exercise. Fast, slow, somewhere in between, let’s get some exercise with Brandon McFarren!

Location: Pensacola Beach Ball Tower


9 a.m.                     Sandcastle Building

It doesn’t matter where you are in the walk of life. Building a sandcastle is still fun. Join Lynsey Listau and family for a morning at the beach!

Location: Beachfront just west of the Pensacola Pier


10 a.m.                  Yoga

Join Rev. Frances Cutshaw for a morning yoga flow upstairs in the Education Building. Beginner? Expert? Come on down.

Location: Room 242 of the Education Building (look for signs)


12 p.m.                  Bible Study

Join Rev. John Kupar for an in-depth study examining the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 18 & 19.

Location: First Presbyterian Church Library

2 p.m.                    Westminster Village Ice Cream Social/Gospel Sing-Along

Join Outreach & Service at Westminster Village for ice cream, singing, and fellowship at one of our many outreach organizations.

Location: Westminster Village Building 5


5 p.m.                    Youth Pool Party

Hot dogs, hamburgers, floaties, and fun. Who will win this year’s splash competition? Youth, parents, and friends welcome.

Location: 1704 Osceola Boulevard


5 p.m.                    Wine & Beer Outing

Join Mike & Debbie Layton at the Vineyard for a glass of wine or cold beer inside the building.

Location: The Vineyard (1010 N. 12th Ave)

Sunday, August 18

9 a.m.                     Sunday School

Adult Sunday school classes Open Door and Fellowship Bible Class will meet in their regular rooms.

Location: Room 226 (Open Door) & Room 116 (Fellowship Bible Class)


10 a.m.                  Worship

Come let us worship God for the service of the Lord’s Day. Bring a buddy. Bring a joyful heart.

Location: Sanctuary


11:15 a.m.             Old-Time Radio Show

Hear about the history of Protestantism in Pensacola. Mr. John Appleyard has put together another wonderful experience that you won’t want to miss!

Location: Jane C. Noonan Center Gym

*Children are invited to the Chase Street Room in the Noonan Center for a CDC-sponsored time


11:30 a.m.            Committee Fair

Take a look around and see all that First Presbyterian Church has to offer! Want to sign up for a committee? Want to know what all we do at First Pres? Come by and enjoy an extended reception and see what all we do.

Location: Jane C. Noonan Center Gym


6 p.m.                    Blues on the Bay

LOOK FOR THE BLUE HATS at Blues on the Bay tonight and join us for fun and fellowship while listening to the Modern El Dorado's performing oldies from the stage. Music Starts at 6:00.....and if you want one of the limited Edition FPC Blue Hats.....get there early. Bring your lawn chairs, coolers and friends to the Community Maritime Park.

Contact Kristin Brinkley or Carolyn Appleyard with questions.

Location: Community Maritime Park